Jermain Defoe defends himself again after personal assistant job criticism by showing that he does his own shopping - here's the proof

'I do pack my own fridge, and yeah, I do go and get the shopping'

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After coming in for much criticism following his advert for a personal assistant, who among many other tasks, was asked to stock his fridge, Jermain Defoe has posted this image on Twitter of proof that he does his own shopping.

The Sunderland striker was ridiculed last month for the job advert, but the 32-year-old explained afterwards that he did not see it before it was posted.

The advert contained a wide range of errands for the £60k assistant to do, including making sure the "fridge is stocked, plants watered and house is clean" plus erm "create a global brand for the Jermain Defoe name".


Defending the job role, Defoe recently said: "I'll hold my hand up - I can't do admin or accounts or stuff like that. I need help to do that, and hopefully that help will in turn help to change lives in St Lucia.

"That's my passion away from football, but I need help to do that.


"Am I really doing something that bad? A boy from East London trying to get on in life and do good things?


"I've read that I can't do this or can't do that, but yeah, I do pack my own fridge, and yeah, I do go and get the shopping near where I live, most days with my girlfriend."