Joe Kinnear insists he is 'head and shoulders' above every other director of football in Premier League

Former manager also claims he was at Wimbledon for 10 years

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Joe Kinnear insists he is “head and shoulders” above every other director of football in the Barclays Premier League because of his experience.

Kinnear was in charge at St James' Park for five months before suffering a heart problem before an away game at West Bromwich Albion in 2009. He has also said his time in charge at Wimbledon lasted 10 years (it was seven) and he was in charge at Nottingham Forest for two years when it was just 10 months. The 66-year-old has made the claims in the South Shields Gazette. 

Kinnear believes he is 'head and shoulders' above other directors of football because of his experience in the game.

“Some directors of football have never played the game," he said. "I’m lending my experience as a manager for all those years - 10 years at Wimbledon, two years at Nottingham Forest, two years winning promotion at Luton and, of course, almost two years at Newcastle. I would still be there had it (a heart attack) not occurred."

"Every top club in the land has got one. We haven’t, that’s the difference. The manager can’t do everything. I’m probably the only football manager to be a director of football.

“I don’t know any other ex-managers who have. I’ve been a manager for 35 years. I’ve been Manager of the Year. I’ve won every award there is in football as a player. I think all those qualities put me head and shoulders above every other director of football.”