Jose Mourinho: Fortunate Manchester City get all the breaks

Leaders City can go six points clear of Chelsea with a win

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Jose Mourinho prepared for Monday’s game at the Etihad Stadium by listing all the “lucky” decisions that have gone for Manchester City this season, saying that “they have everything”.

Premier League leaders City can go six points clear of Chelsea with a win on Monday, but Mourinho believes the reason for their success is not just the quality of their players but what he sees as their good fortune with referees.

“I think they have everything,” Mourinho said. “The players are obviously very good. On top of that – and I want to make it very clear that, for me, it is just a coincidence and nothing else – the reality is they have had many crucial decisions in their favour. They are lucky.

“Against Liverpool, the Sterling ‘goal’, the penalty on Suarez. Against Newcastle, the [disallowed] goal that is a clear goal. Against Tottenham, Dawson’s goal, the penalty, the red card [for Danny Rose]. They are having everything.

“I repeat: just pure coincidence. The referees try to do their best, and sometimes they make mistakes. But at the moment they have everything in their favour. But it’s just a coincidence. The players and team are very good, and the manager is working very well.”

Mourinho only sees Chelsea seriously challenging City for the Premier League title next season. “We are not favourites to win any competition [now],” he said. “The speech will change completely next pre-season, and not just the speech. Normally the speech is adapted to the feelings, knowledge and experience. Next pre-season, day one, I will say we are candidates to win the Premier League. This season, we are candidates to win the next match.

“What concerns me is my team playing well and trying to get the best possible results, feel the improvements.”