Kyle Walker let himself down in laughing gas incident says Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas

Pictures emerged of the England full-back inhaling nitrous oxide

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Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas has claimed that defender Kyle Walker has let himself down following pictures of him inhaling nitrous oxide being revealed before England’s goalless draw with Ukraine on Tuesday.

But the Spurs boss has admitted he has no plans to drop him from his side as a result of Walker taking the legal high.

A Sunday newspaper published the pictures of Walker inhaling the “hippy crack” as it is sometimes known on a knight out in Sheffield during the summer, although the inhalation of nitrous oxide is not banned but is considered to pose a danger to your health.

Despite it being widely available, it can cause respiratory problems in the long-term and on serious occasions even death.

Walker spoke to his club manager about the situation earlier in the summer and made a promise not to do it again, claiming he had learned from his mistakes.

"The player has assumed the responsibility of having failed to set an example, which I think is something that is honourable, but you wouldn't expect him to do it again," said Villas-Boas.

"He accepted the responsibility of having failed as a role model towards young people and I don't think we will see the incident again.

"He has assured me before (that he won't do it again)."

Walker also apologised publicly for the incident and to England manager Roy Hodgson, who accepted the right-backs regret and decided to play him in the match in Kiev on Tuesday.

Walker had a below-par performance when he was regularly beaten by their star player Yevhen Konoplyanka, although he wrote on his official Twitter account that he is learning with each match that goes by.

“Hard fought draw last night, still undefeated and qualification now in our own hands. Pleased the manager has put his faith in me again,” Walker wrote.

“I'm learning more every time I play international football and I hope it'll make me a better player for club and country.”

The comments followed an earlier apology to the public and also an admission that he hoped nobody had been influenced by his actions.

“Apologies for not commenting sooner on a story about me today. I've been training and am focussed on Tuesday's game for England,” he wrote on Sunday.

“Now I know the health risks, it was poor judgement on my part.

“I won't be doing this again and hope that no one else is influenced into putting their health at risk by my actions.”

Regardless of the incident, Villas-Boas says he hasn’t seem a change in Walker’s mind-set, and insists that he will be fine to feature in their weekend fixture against Norwich at White Hart Lane.

"He seems in the right state of mind," his manager added.

"He told me he was in the right state of mind for England as well, so I see no issue there."