Leicester City news: Fans banned from using clappers at King Power Stadium

Up to 500 Leicester fans have been banned from using the clappers in Block L of the stadium

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Premier League champions Leicester City suspended a section of their own supporters from using ‘clappers’ amid claims that fan safety was put at risk.

The fan-like items, which make a loud noise when hit into the palm of a hand, are given out before every match to help generate a lively, partisan atmosphere at the King Power Stadium.

But more than 500 Foxes fans were denied the clappers for the side’s Champions League victory over Club Brugge on Tuesday night.

Those affected were in Block L of the East End, the closest to the contingent of away fans.

A letter to fans read: "Dear supporter, we are writing to advise that due to the behaviour of a small number of individuals, the distribution of clap banners in Block L at King Power Stadium will regrettably be suspended for the foreseeable future.

"The football club places the safety of its supporters among its highest priorities and, with that in mind, we have been left with little alternative than to remove the clap banners from Block L."

Clappers have been used consistently at the King Power since the club's rise from relegation battlers to Premier League champions.  Some have even credited Leicester's remarkable rise to their use.

But the decision to implement the ban has angered fans according to Cliff Ginnetta, chairman of Leicester City's official supporters club.

"I sit in the L Block section,” he said. “It's the noisiest part of the ground and it's fair to say the fans are incredibly passionate.

"But we are not hooligans. There are women and children in L Block as well as pensioners.

"I'm 66 myself and there are fans in there who are older than me.

"Yes, I've seen people throwing them around, but it's nothing particularly malicious.

"They are pieces of cardboard after all – how much damage are they going to cause?

"And it's not only L Block where it happens."I've seen them come flying over from K Block next to us.”