Leicester put Collymore up for sale

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Leicester City have agreed to a transfer request from troubled striker Stan Collymore.

Leicester City have agreed to a transfer request from troubled striker Stan Collymore.

The Premiership club wanted to immediately terminate his contract after talks.

But after initially agreeing, the former Liverpool and Aston Villa player asked instead to go only on the transfer list.

Collymore, 29, has told boss Peter Taylor he is unhappy with being restricted to a place on the bench after his comeback from breaking his leg in April.

The move means Collymore's career in England could be over and he indicated to Taylor that he wants to end his playing days abroad.

Taylor slammed Collymore's level of application since his demands for a substantial wage increase and a new contract were rejected a week before the start of the season.

And he admitted Collymore's inept performance in Sunday's 1-1 draw with Everton at Filbert Street, in which Leicester missed out on top spot, was the last straw.

Taylor said: "Stan would have to change in many ways to ever play for Leicester City again - and I would be surprised if I played him again.

"When he came back initially for pre-season training he was doing well but then nine days before the start of the season his advisers asked for very high wages and a new contract.

"As a club we were not prepared to meet those and since that day Stan has not been as positive as he was in the early part of pre-season training.

"He had an injury and couldn't get back in the team and his performance against Everton made it obvious when he was on the pitch that he was not happy with that decision.

"I was very disappointed with that. He could have worked a lot harder and I told him the way he played was not the way he should be performing.

"I said that if he was going to play like that then it would be in the best interests of Leicester City that he was no longer with us.

"When we had that meeting on Monday we agreed that his contract would be terminated but then his advisers told him instead to go on the list.

"I could not be more disappointed about how things have worked out because we all know how good a player he can be.

"I think Leicester City and myself could not have tried any harder to get him to be the player he is but things like getting fit and having the right sort of desire to succeed have to come from him.

"He has put on a stone since pre-season training."

Meanwhile, the FA have confirmed three members of their video advisory panel will this week review Collymore's tangle with Paul Gascoigne against Everton.

The Leicester striker appeared to stamp on - and later elbow - Gascoigne in the Filbert Street clash, which ended 1-1.

And video advisory panel will look at the incident before deciding whether to recommend any action is taken against the former England marksman.

FA spokesman Adrian Bevington said: "We have requested the video which we are going to distribute to three members of the panel.

"If something is brought to our attention that has been missed by an official we can then call for the video and send it out to the three panel representatives - which we have done in this instance.

"They will look at the video. The disciplinary committee will then decide what action to take, if any is needed."