Liverpool earn most from Premier League - despite finishing behind Manchester City

All teams see sharp rise in payments from last season

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The Premier League has announced the total payments made to each of its 20 members for the 2013/14 season.

Champions Manchester City earned £96.5million, representing a sharp rise from the £60.8m Manchester United earned from winning the league a year ago.

The league's new £5.5billion broadcast deal was behind the increase in payments, with second-placed Liverpool the top earners on £97.5m - a consequence of more of their games being screened live by broadcasters.

The Premier League Founder Members' Agreement - the contract signed by the initial clubs that formed the League in 1992 - sets out that 50 per cent of UK broadcast revenue be split equally between the 20 clubs, 25 per cent paid in Merit Payments (depending on where a club finishes in the final league table), and the final 25 per cent paid in Facility Fees each time a club's matches are broadcast in the UK.


All international broadcast revenue, and central commercial revenue, is split equally among the 20 clubs.

Premier League payments to clubs for 2013/14 (highest-lowest):

1 Liverpool £97,544,336

2 Man City £96,578,329

3 Chelsea £94,106,163

4 Arsenal £92,870,080

5 Tottenham £89,663,884

6 Manchester United £89,161,831

7 Everton £85,027,727

8 Newcastle £77,379,252

9 Southampton £76,915,298

10 Stoke £75,679,215

11 Swansea £74,173,056

12 West Ham £73,671,003

13 Crystal Palace £73,207,049

14 Aston Villa £72,666,897

15 Sunderland £71,700,890

16 Hull £67,026,634

17 West Brom £65,790,551

18 Norwich £64,554,468

19 Fulham £63,318,385

20 Cardiff £62,082,302

Total £1,563,117,350