Liverpool fans heckle Raheem Sterling at Anfield event

Shouts leave Sterling looking sheepish

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Raheem Sterling has been heckled by Liverpool fans who are frustrated over his delay in signing a new contract and recent stories about his future.

The England international was modelling Liverpool’s new kit at Anfield, alongside Daniel Sturridge, Martin Skrtel and Simon Mignolet. Questions were then invited about the new design and, as Sterling responded, one of the 500 invited guests shouted: “Make sure we see you in it next season.”

This was followed by cheers from the rest of the audience and left Sterling looking sheepish. Although it was in good humour, it showed some of the fans’ feelings towards the player following last week’s controversial BBC interview. It will be interesting to see the reception he receives at Anfield on Monday when Liverpool play Newcastle.

The 20-year-old went on to say he was looking forward to playing at Wembley in next week’s FA Cup semi-final as it is his “home town”.

Sterling’s contract negotiations have become tense after he rejected a £100,000 deal and his advisor asked for £150,000 a week, eventually postponing talks until the end of the season.