Liverpool striker Luis Suarez responds to criticism from Tony Pulis over diving


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Luis Suarez has hit back at Stoke City boss Tony Pulis who has been outspoken about the Uruguayan's perceived diving, saying “let them carry on talking”.

The Liverpool striker has been at the centre of a widespread debate over simulation in the game, with recent incidents against Stoke and another against Manchester United when it it appeared he should have won a spot-kick for his side.

Following the Stoke incident, Pulis said Suarez was an "embarrassment" and suggested that retrospective action should be taken against those who try to fool the referee, saying: "Give him [a ban of] three games and he will stop falling over."

Speaking ahead of his country's World Cup qualifiers against Argentina and Bolivia, Suarez responded to the criticism.

“Everyone should focus on their own team. Those who want to talk can do so, I am not worried about what they say.

“Any manager can say what he wants about me but it doesn’t affect me. Let them carry on talking. Meanwhile I will continue to play football and to concern myself with my team and with what I do – and nothing more.”

The debate has seen Fifa vice-president Jim Boyce claim Suarez's actions are "nothing less than cheating" and that diving is "becoming a cancer within the game." He also backed Pulis' calls for punishment.

"If it is clear it's simulation, they should be severely punished," he said.



Michael Owen also joined the debate yesterday, admitting that he had "won" penalties against Argentina at the 1998 and 2002 World Cups.

"There is a part of a striker that tries to entice the leg to come out to win a penalty. It is a skill and it has been done for years and years.

"I'm totally against diving, I have never been for it or sought to get a penalty without being touched, but you try to push the boundaries to win a game for your team without cheating," he said.