Liverpool v West Brom: Luis Suarez praises strike partnership with Daniel Sturridge ahead of Premier League tie against Baggies

The Reds' strikers have struck up a formidable strike-rate together since Suarez returned from his 10-match ban

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Luis Suarez has revealed that he is really enjoying his strike partnership with Daniel Sturridge.

However the Uruguayan international has not intention of copying his goal celebration dance.

SAS, Suarridge, Sturrez - whatever semi-nauseating name you choose for the pair of strikers, there can be no denying their efficacy for Liverpool so far this season.

Despite the fact that Suarez began the season serving out what remained of his 10-match biting ban, he and Sturridge have formed a formidable duo since they were reunited on the pitch.

Suarez told Liverpool’s website: ‘I am so happy because when you have a very good striker, and a very good partner, for defenders it is difficult because they have to give their attention to two players - not just one.

‘If maybe two defenders come towards me, this creates space for Danny. This is important not just for me, but for the team and our confidence.

‘When you have one man in the area, it’s more important. I am not a real No.9 in the area, but Daniel is more so and that’s important for me and the team.

‘We are trying for progression. He is 24 and I am 26, so we are trying our best to progress for the future of the club.

‘We know in the last few seasons, Liverpool have been not been in the Champions League and we know we can help the team challenge for the top four.

‘If he shoots or if I shoot, we are both strikers and we understand. We can discuss it on the pitch, but we work really well together.’

However despite the pair's fantastic understanding on the pitch, Suarez is adamant he will never copy Sturridge's trademark celebratory dance.

‘No, never!’ he laughed. ‘After he scores, he dances and I like that because I also have a celebration. When a striker scores, it makes him so happy.’