Louis van Gaal appointment: 'Difficult' manager is bound to clash with 'big stars' like Wayne Rooney, warns Mehmet Scholl

Former Bayern reserve coach claims Rooney could be in for a rude awakening

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Manchester United's incoming manager Louis van Gaal is certain to clash with Wayne Rooney, Mehmet Scholl has warned.

Scholl was Bayern Munich reserve team coach under Van Gaal, and claims that the "strict and severe" Van Gaal will have problems with the "big players".

The Netherlands manager Van Gaal is expected to be appointed United manager by the start of next week, leaving him just a few days to establish transfer market priorities before he begins preparations for the World Cup with the Dutch national team.

"He's very strict and severe. So the players just have the chance to follow him or they are out and he takes the next players," Scholl said. "He's very good with young players. I think everywhere he was he had some problems with big players and the staff.

"There are 26, 27 players and he is looking for the 14 to follow him – 14, 15, 16 to follow. His thing is not the motivation [man-management]. He's good in motivation but this is not his main character thing.


"His thing is really working on the pitch – that's brilliant. And that's how the players learn. You know by yourself that if you learn from somebody you are curious, you want to learn more.

"Some of the players, I can tell you, like Rooney, I don't think he has to learn anything more. So that will be difficult for him if the coach says: 'You have to do it in a completely different way. Whatever you did until now, change it."