Louis van Gaal handshake fail: Manchester United manager left hanging, forced to repeatedly seek attention

Dutchman didn't look pleased

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Louis van Gaal was left hanging by a presenter on Manchester United's in-house TV channel, forcing the clearly irritated Dutchman to repeatedly seek his interviewer's attention before getting the handshake he wanted.

Manchester United are currently on a pre-season tour of the United States and will play Barcelona tomorrow.

Van Gaal will be hoping their preparations for that match against the Champions League winners goes better than his attempted handshake.

Approaching the presenter for a brief interview, Van Gaal held out his hand but was ignored. The notorious disciplinarian held it out again but was rebuffed once more. In the end, Van Gaal repeatedly banged his interviewer on the arm until he got the handshake he wanted before displaying his irritation by firing a look of disdain in the presenter's direction.

Watch the incident below...



Manchester United's game against Barcelona kicks off at 9pm BST on Saturday.