Man spotted using Xbox controller in press box during Newcastle vs Arsenal match

No one seems to know what he was doing

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A man has been spotted using an Xbox controller in the press box during the Newcastle vs Arsenal game and no-one seems to know why.

The picture taken by Richard Mason, a sports writer for the Northern Echo, has quickly gone viral.

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It shows a bespectacled young man wearing a hoodie, his hands gripped around the games console controller, looking intently at the action in front of him.

Was he wanting to experience the most realistic looking game of Fifa ever played? Was a controlling the big screen at St James' Park? Had he just lost the plot? No one knows.


The way Newcastle played in the first half, it seemed like some of their players were being controlled by someone on a computer game. Reckless tackles all over the place and a red card for Aleksandar Mitrovic weren't quite what Steve McClaren had planned for the visit of the Gunners.