Manchester City: Pep Guardiola denies enforcing sex ban and claims intercourse makes 'better players'

Earlier this week, Samir Nasri claimed that Guardiola had put a curfew on his players' bedroom relations

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has denied suggestions he enforces a strict sex ban on the club’s players.

French midfielder Samir Nasri, who is currently on a season-long loan at Sevilla, this week claimed Guardiola advised the players on the timing of their bedroom activities.

Nasri said that City’s players were encouraged to have sex “before midnight” because Guardiola wanted them to “have a good night's sleep”.

Guardiola is renowned his meticulous approach to preparation for matches and leaving no stone unturned in his bid to turn City into challengers for silverware at home and abroad.

But the 45-year-old laughed off claims that he interfered with the love lives of his squad and actually believes it enhances their performances on the pitch.

“It's impossible to play good football if you don't make sex with your partner,” Guardiola said.

“I never did that and I would never ban that. If you are doing it, better players!”