Manchester United met the SAS where Paul Ince had a gun pointed at his head, reveals Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson recounts one of the stranger educational trips of his tenure

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Sir Alex Ferguson once took his Manchester United players to meet the SAS where former midfielder Paul Ince ended up with a gun to his head.

In a BBC documentary focusing on the former Manchester United manager's leadership qualities, the Scot reminisces about one of the more unusual educational trips he took his squad on.

"They took us into the hostage room and they put four players with their heads down on the table and all the rest of the players were behind a rope," explained Manchester United's most successful ever manager.

Ryan Giggs then takes over the story: "They pulled me out, me, Paul Ince and we're the hostages. The cardboard cut outs are the people holding us hostage. So we were just sat there at the table and the next minute the lights went off. We heard 'get down, get down' which we instantly did."

Ferguson continued: "Then all of a sudden the sound of a bomb goes off and everything goes dark and within seconds bang bang bang bang.

Giggs then recounted what happened next: "Then the lights come on and right next to us were four or five soldiers in SAS gear and night goggles."

Ferguson, struggling to get his words out through the laughter, remembers: "One of the soldiers had his gun against Paul Ince's head. He nearly died (mimicking screaming) it was brilliant!"

Sir Alex Ferguson: Secrets of Success will be on BBC1 at 10.30pm on Sunday 11 October