Manchester United: Can you answer this maths question based on Paul Pogba's 'dab' dance move?

The midfielder's signature move inspired one teacher in his native France

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Paul Pogba’s ‘dab’ dance move is helping school students to understand Pythagoras’ theorem in the Manchester United midfielder’s native France.

The dance move, which originates from the Atlanta hip-hop scene, involves the dancer dropping the head while raising the left arm and the right elbow, in a motion resembling sneezing.

Pogba is one several well-known footballers to have popularised the dab, which first came to prominence after being adopted by players in the NFL.

Now, the move has been used in a question by an inventive French school teacher.

The question reads: “Cristiano Ronaldo is jealous of Paul Pogba's dab , then tries to demonstrate that it is not perfect.

“According to the book - The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Dab - a perfect dab is only if the triangles represented in the figure below are rectangles. Is Paul Pogba's dab perfect?”

An accompanying graphic shows Pogba performing the dab, with a triangle drawn out over each of the 23-year-old’s arms.

Students are required to calculate whether the squared length of each triangle’s longest side (a.k.a. the ‘hypotenuse’) is equal to the length of each triangle’s other two sides when they are squared and then added together.

Pogba has personally approved the question, tweeting on Tuesday: “The dab is useful, am I approved? #maths”

The France international has not, however, offered an answer to the problem.

Can you use Pythagoras' theorem to figure out whether Pogba's 'dab' is perfect? Let us know in the comments.