Mark Hughes is going nowhere

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Manchester City manager Mark Hughes last night rubbished suggestions he could resign after less than three months at the club, claiming he remains happy with life at Eastlands.

Hughes was reported to be on the brink of quitting his new job due to worries over his control over transfers, and at a time when owner Thaksin Shinawatra's future appears unclear.

But the former Blackburn manager was quick to have his own say, insisting he was looking forward to continuing in what he sees as a long-term job with the club.

He said: "There have been a lot of rumours flying around but I am not going anywhere and I don't anticipate going anywhere.

"There is a job to do here and I am looking forward to it."

He told club website, "There is speculation around the club and that has been prevalent since I joined the club but from my own point of view I am very focused on what I am about and what I aim to achieve here and that means success on the pitch.

"Nothing whatsoever has changed in that respect and the football operation hasn't changed since I signed for the club. Nor has my relationship with Garry Cook and his team. We get on really well and continue to speak on a daily basis.

"I am the guy that makes the decisions in relation to the football, and they make the decisions in relation to the running of the club."

City's executive chairman Garry Cook has stated that Thaksin remains committed to his "10-year vision" for the club.

The club's owner is seeking refuge in Britain after he and his wife skipped a court hearing in Bangkok.

However, Cook has denied that the development would destabilise the club.

"City's future is not in jeopardy," Cook told the Manchester Evening News.

"In the short term, it is business as usual. We don't rely on Dr Thaksin's money.

"When Mark Hughes makes a decision we go through the normal process, which can include banks, finance, or a whole bunch of different things just like any other club."

Cook claims that the former Thai Prime Minister - who denies all charges against him - might look in the long term to get extra investment in through 'partnership' deals.

Cook spent time with Thaksin in Beijing before he returned to England.

"It was really clear he wants to be at this football club for the next 10 years," said Cook.