McLeish vows to 'get it right' as Villa fans plan protest

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Alex McLeish, the Aston Villa manager, faced with a proposed fans' protest at tomorrow's home game against Manchester City, has vowed he will "get it right at this club."

After a fans' website called on supporters to voice their feelings an hour before the City match, McLeish said: "I know there were a few Villa fans at the start of the season expressed dissent at me becoming a manager. That is out of my control but I know the silent majority of Villa fans have been absolutely tremendous in supporting the team home and away.

"I've met some of the fans and I really felt their passion but I think they felt mine as well – and I'm determined I'll get it right at this club.

"I do believe in one or two other seasons there have been sticky moments as well. This season is a bit of a rollercoaster but the points are there for us to climb the table."

As for the intended protest, McLeish pointed out: "It is out of my control, it is a modern-day fashion. There were rumours of a protest against Arsène Wenger a couple of weeks ago, so I'm in pretty good company."