Mourinho admits to guilt over falling out with Wenger

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho yesterday called a truce in his war of words with Arsène Wenger, and admitted he had made a mistake by getting "personal" when he labelled the Arsenal manager as a "voyeur".

In a wide-ranging interview yesterday, Mourinho said: "We had a problem. Both of us are guilty. When he spends one year speaking and speaking about Chelsea and moral leadership, he is putting himself in a position where he gets a strong answer. When my strong answer goes in the personal direction, it is my mistake. I hope in future that maybe we are not best friends but he does his job respecting Chelsea and I do my job respecting Arsenal."

Mourinho has also enjoyed strained relations with another Premiership manager recently, West Bromwich Albion's Bryan Robson. While not referring to Robson directly by name, the inference was clear when Mourinho said: "When I have a manager from the other team insulting me during 90 minutes, and at the end of the game he invites me for a drink, he's a hypocrite."

But one top-flight manager with whom Mourinho still gets on famously is his arch-rival Sir Alex Ferguson. Mourinho said: "After the game, my room is open for him and his is open for me. We have a drink, we speak about the game, football in general or the results on TV. There's respect between us. If he says 'United will beat Chelsea and can be champions', it's nothing offensive in personal terms."

Mourinho revealed that he is likely to bring three players to Stamford Bridge this summer, but Ashley Cole will not be one of them. He said: "We change three players. Three [Chelsea] players who want to play more and are not very happy in the club, or players I am frustrated with and have nothing to give us. I change them for three players [but] we have Asier del Horno, Wayne Bridge, William Gallas, so, no, we are not looking for Cole."

One of the three signings, though, is likely to be Bayern Munich and Germany midfielder Michael Ballack. Mourinho added: "The natural tendency is we get a defender, a midfielder and an attacker." Ballack yesterday admitted he had talked to Mourinho and had a "good feeling during that conversation".