Moyes accuses Wenger of 'questioning his integrity' in tunnel row

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David Moyes said that Arsène Wenger was "questioning his integrity" by doubting his account of events at half-time on Tuesday.

Moyes had accused Cesc Fabregas of making comments to the officials that deserved a red card. Wenger responded that Moyes had broken a rule to "never come out with what is said in the heat of the moment", before disputing that any comments had been to the referee.

The Everton manager, though, was adamant about his version of events: "I know what was said. I was there when it was said and we have it." Regarding his supposed breaking of a code of silence, Moyes argued that the greater crime was Fabregas's alleged impugning of the officials' motives at half-time.

"Arsène said there was an unwritten rule that you don't repeat anything said in the tunnel, but it was his player who broke the unwritten rule. He questioned Everton Football Club that we were paying the officials and in doing this, he also questioned the officials, that they maybe in turn were taking money. I felt it was out of order and I felt he deserved to be sent off."

On Thursday Wenger said that he believed it was "wrong" that Moyes "came out on what he pretends to have heard in the tunnel". He argued that he had been with the referee during half-time and therefore he was "adamant" that Fabregas "did not talk to the referee at all". Moyes, however, did not take kindly to Wenger's riposte and clarified to which official he believed Fabregas's comments had been directed: "To question Everton's integrity and to question David Moyes' integrity and to actually say you thought David Moyes didn't hear it or see it. Well, I tell you, I heard and saw it because I was standing there. It was directed at the fourth official and the fourth official is part of the referee's team."

Wenger has voiced doubts over Uefa's ability to implement its Financial Fair Play regulations. Uefa plan to prevent teams from spending beyond their means in future, but the Arsenal manager expressed his fear that the details had not been fleshed out.

"[Uefa] are just now building the committee which is in charge to elaborate the whole system," Wenger said. "Nothing is being decided on the Uefa side. They are putting the rules into place for 2013 and don't know how to do it."