Newcastle vs Manchester United: Louis van Gaal reacts hilariously to Jesse Lingard's miss

The Dutchman proved he can show passion on the touchline with one enormous yelp

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Manchester United fans have been asking for their manager Louis van Gaal to show a little more passion on the touchline in recent weeks and tonight, as their team led Newcastle United 2-1, they got their wish.

Jesse Lingard, who had come into the side ahead of the benched Juan Mata, capped off a brilliant move with a cool finish for his side’s second goal and had the chance to extend their lead even further early on in the second half.

He was left unmarked at the back post after Ander Herrera’s dragback fooled Newcastle’s remaining defenders but, with the goal gaping, could only blaze over the top.

The camera then cut to Van Gaal, who showed about as much energy in one impassioned yelp into the abyss as he previously had all season.

And then, he takes a breath and goes back to studying his ledger, despite Ryan Giggs looking particularly rattled at the side of him. 

When the United faithful asked for more passion, is this what they had in mind?