Noel Gallagher on Match of the Day 2: Former Oasis guitarist gets mixed reception

One called it 'TV gold', another said he was 'out of his depth'

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Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher appeared on Match of the Day 2 last night.

Alongside ex-pros Jermaine Jenas and Mark Lawrenson, Gallagher was there to analyse Sunday's action.

The rock star, 47, is a huge Manchester City fan and knows his stuff about the beautiful game.

But Gallagher's (pictured below, via BBC Sport) appearance on the show got a decidedly mixed reception on social media, with some critics asking for him to be on the show every week, and some wondering why he had ever been invited.


Gallagher did have a couple of entertaining sound bites and appears to have coined a new nickname for Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers - 'The Brodge'.

On Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal he said: "Any manager that has to go on TV and discuss the length of his balls is asking for trouble quite frankly".

He also said that Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was a "whinger" who might be having "a breakdown".

"I think he’s having a breakdown. Any manager that refuses to speak to the press – and then appears on national television for four hours to debate these refereeing decisions that are going against him and no one else – is clearly under pressure."

See some of the best reaction below:


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