Per Mertesacker goes from a rhinoceros to Lionel Messi during Arsenal win over Manchester City

German shows there is more to his game than defending

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Arsenal had a great day yesterday, winning at the home of the champions for the first time since 2002.

Just about every player has come in for individual praise following the 2-0 win over Manchester City - Santi Cazorla for his box-to-box endeavours, Francis Coquelin for showing the Gunners may already have the defensive midfielder they so desperately need and Olivier Giroud for leading the ruthless attack.

But Per Mertesacker, a player recently compared to a rhinoceros, needs a shout as well. Not just for playing his role in a defensive display not seen from Arsenal in years, but for pulling off some moves that even Lionel Messi would be proud.

With his team 1-0 up after Cazorla's penalty, the World Cup winner performed a dummy before sending a couple of Manchester City players the wrong way with a deceptive turn.


Just another moment for Arsenal fans to savour after a very good weekend.