Police quiz Leeds fans over threats

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Leeds United supporters were urged to stand firm behind the club's chairman Peter Ridsdale after it was revealed that he has been sent by hate-mail.

Ridsdale has received threats against himself, his wife and his young children, allegedly from supporters unhappy about proposals for the club to leave Elland Road for a new stadium.

The United chairman has passed the offending material on to Yorkshire police, who are reported to be investigating two supporters' groups -- the Lancaster Whites and the Oxford Whites. As part of the investigation, evidence has been taken away for DNA testing and handwriting analysis.

Ridsdale said: "While this is something of a very personal nature, I feel threats being made against my children go beyond what anyone would expect from individuals calling themselves Leeds United supporters."

Ray Fell, chairman of the Leeds United Supporters' Club, yesterday criticised those responsible for the hate campaign. "I just can't understand the mentality of these people," he said. "They are out of order.

"If they want to raise anything with the chairman, they should do it through the club, not intervene in his personal life. It's simply unforgivable and unacceptable.

"In Peter Ridsdale, we have a statesman and a fans' chairman, and to rock the boat in this way is inexplicable and unbelievable. Mr Ridsdale is doing an excellent job, he's proven a good fans' chairman. Let's get behind him and cut out this silly sort of approach."

Earlier this month, the club moved closer to naming the preferred site of a possible new stadium following meetings with Leeds City Council.