Premier League apologise for error article: 'Jose Mourinho makes Chelsea return'


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The Premier League has apologised for uploading a news story that 'confirmed' the return of Jose Mourinho to Chelsea.

The article, headlined 'Jose Mourinho makes Chelsea return', was published with tomorrow's date on it and has since been removed from the website.

A Premier League spokesman confirmed the article had been published in error.

The sub-headline on the article read: "Portuguese coach back at Stamford Bridge after signing a XX-year contract".

Premier League officials are still investigating whether the piece was a system failure or a human error.

The spokesman added: "It was a publishing error. We took it down as soon as we were notified of it, and we've spoken to and apologised to Chelsea.

"We have no prior knowledge of any movement or any announcement (regarding Mourinho)."

Joe Mourinho's turbulent spell at Real Madrid came to an end and a move to Chelsea looking to be an almost certainty and many betting offices refusing to take bets for the Portuguese manager's return.

In a statement on Real Madrid's website on Friday, Mourinho signed off, thanking the fans.

"I wish everyone associated with Real Madrid much happiness in the future.

"I appreciate the support of lots of fans and respect the criticism of others. Once again, a lot of happiness to everyone and, above all, good health. Hala Madrid!"