Premier League fixtures on Sky and BT Sport: Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City to feature most on TV - but which sides will be shown the least?

The old rivals and the reigning champions will be on television more than any other side during the first part of the season

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Sky Sports and BT Sport have revealed their picks for Premier League fixtures up until the end of November.

BT have opted to show Louis van Gaal's first game in charge of Manchester United, which will be against Swansea. Meanwhile Arsenal's home match with Crystal Palace will be first on Sky.

But which teams will feature the most - and which the least?

Manchester United, Liverpool and reigning champions Manchester City are the favourites with the two providers of live Premier League football with the three sides featuring 10 times.

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Two of those sides finished first and second in the Premier League last season and can feel justified in their heavy showing. United may feel somewhat lucky considering they finished seventh last term, but with the arrival of Louis van Gaal and a major outlay on players there is a sense of expectation around Old Trafford for the season ahead.

Arsenal are then the next most popular side with nine games on television and Jose Mourinho's Chelsea are fifth with seven games, including their matches against Manchester City, the Gunners and Manchester United.


Everton and Tottenham, who finished fifth and sixth last season respectively, may feel a little aggrieved to be on TV the same number of times as newly promoted Queens Park Rangers.

There are then five teams that are featured equally least. Crystal Palace, Southampton, Hull City, Sunderland and Leicester City will be on television three times apiece up until the end of November. None of those sides are being shown on BT.

Who's on TV most?

Manchester United - 10 (Sky 7, BT 3)

Liverpool - 10 (Sky 7, BT 3)

Manchester City - 10 (Sky 7, BT 3)

Arsenal - 9 (Sky 7, BT 2)

Chelsea - 7 (Sky 6, BT 1)

Everton - 6 (Sky 4, BT 2)

Tottenham - 6 (Sky 4, BT 2)

Aston Villa - 6 (Sky 5, BT 1)

QPR - 6 (Sky 5, BT 1)

Newcastle - 5 (Sky 3, BT 2)

Stoke City - 4 (Sky 3, BT 1)

West Ham United - 4 (Sky 3, BT 1)

West Brom - 4 (Sky 3, BT 1)

Swansea City - 4 (Sky 3, BT 1)

Burnley - 4 (Sky 3, BT 1)

Crystal Palace - 3 (Sky 3, BT 0)

Southampton - 3 (Sky 3, BT 0)

Hull City - 3 (Sky 3, BT 0)

Sunderland - 3 (Sky 3, BT 0)

Leicester City - 3 (Sky 3, BT 0)

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