Premier League Power Rankings: Wayne Rooney? Petr Cech? Who are the 17 most important players heading into the new season?

It's not about who's the best, but who will influence 2015/16 the most

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We all know who the best players are but defining those with the power to shape events in the Premier League is not so simple - so we've created The Independent's Premier League Power Rankings.

Ahead of every round of fixtures in the top-flight our team of experts will get together to define the 17 players who hold the power.

Rather than being based on who the best or most talented footballers are, it's defined by current form, league position, next fixture and any other factors which could influence events.

Players will move up and down the rankings, battling to be number one. Some players will drop out and new entries will emerge. You might not agree (in which case let us know why) - but that's half the fun.

For the opening weekend of the season we've not picked anymore than one player from each team and those who are not likely to play - Alexis Sanchez and Sergio Aguero, for example - have been left out.

These are the 17 most important players in the Premier League right now...


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