Premier League title race: 'Let's see how Liverpool cope at the final hurdle,' says Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech

The top-two teams face each other at Anfield on 27 April

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Petr Cech, the Chelsea goalkeeper, has questioned how Liverpool will cope "when it comes to the final hurdle" as the Premier League title race reaches a thrilling conclusion.

The teams meet each other at Anfield on 27 April in what could the league title decider, after Chelsea won 1-0 at Swansea to stay within two points of leaders Liverpool, who defeated Manchester City 3-2. The teams have four league matches left to play.

The Blues know that if they win all of their matches and City drop points from their any of their remaining six games, they will win the title. Liverpool have their first league title fate in 24 years in their own hands, and will secure the title if they are victorious in their final four matches.

"Nobody expected anything from Liverpool this season and they’re in contention — it’s why they’ve been able to play without pressure so far,” said the Chelsea goalkeeper. “But let’s see how they will cope when it comes to the last hurdle. They will have to jump over it. They have been doing remarkably well but we’re still around.


"Obviously, we have to wait for one slip up from Manchester City but if we win our games we have a chance.

"We have players who are used to playing big games. Sometimes when you have a young team full of enthusiasm they don’t feel any pressure, they just play. But we have just four games to play now and if we win all of our matches, we will be there right to the end. That’s what we will try to do, to go game-by-game, try win them all and then we’ll see where we’ll be. We will go for it."