PSG v Chelsea: 'I will never play in England,' reveals Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Swede's last European club will be the Ligue 1 leaders PSG

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A major loss for the Premier League.

The mercurial Swede, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has ruled out ever playing in England. The colourful Paris Saint-Germain striker will face Chelsea at Parc des Princes tomorrow night, and says that it would be "impossible" for him to ever play in England, as the last European club he will play for will be the Ligue 1 leaders.

"To come to England today is not a question," the 32-year-old said today. "It's impossible to get me to England. Ask the people behind this [PSG] project; I don't think they would let me go."


Ibrahimovic says that he could have moved to England before he left Milan in 2012, but claims that he will have no regrets when his career is finished that he never played in the English top-flight.

"When I went to Milan there were some talks with English clubs but it was not in the picture.

"I will not look back and say I should have played in England. I am happy. I respect the Premier League; it’s a great competition with many big teams and big individual players."

"But I haven't been part of it. My stories have been elsewhere. I have no regrets."


"The biggest possibility to win the Champions League is with Paris," he added.

"This is my last contract in Europe and to win it I must win with Paris.

"The day I leave Paris is the day I go down a level or quit football. I have a contract until 2016."

But it could have been so different, of course. Ibrahimovic was invited for a trial at Arsenal aged 16. He didn't join after allegedly telling Arsene Wenger that he: "doesn't do trials".