Racism in the Premier League: The number of arrests for racist chanting per club over the last 13 seasons

A complete breakdown of every club currently in the Premier League and their arrest records for racist or indecent abuse

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The incident in Paris that saw a group of Chelsea fans push a black man off a Metro train and chant a racist song has highlighted the issue of racism is football once again.

While there's no doubting that increased efforts to combat racism in football has decreased the number of racist incidents at football matches - figures from the Home Office support this - there is still much to be done if racism is to be eradicated from the sport on the whole.

Having assessed all 20 current Premier League clubs, we can reveal the number of arrests made in the past 13 seasons, which is the current timescale made available by the Home Office.

In an effort to be fair, those clubs that have played in the Championship (or old Division One), League One (Division Two) and League Two (Division Three) during the last 13 seasons have had their record taken into account. No club currently in the Premier League has played outside the Football League in the past 13 years.

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Please note - there is no suggestion at all that any person in the pictures included in the gallery are guilty of racial abuse.