Radebe angered by Leeds players who 'just gave up'

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As Eddie Gray paid for Leeds United's relegation with his job yesterday, one of the club's veterans launched a scathing attack on some of his team-mates, pinning the blame firmly on them.

Lucas Radebe admitted that chronic financial difficulties had made life tough for the players but he also accused some of his team-mates of refusing to accept their responsibilities.

"There have been a lot of question marks over some of the players at the club," he said. "This season, I have seen a change in the attitude of some of the players during training. The players did not enjoy it as much, and some of them were just coming in to pass the time.

"Most of the players just gave up and accepted the situation, and some of them knew that they would be going somewhere else at the end of the season. It is disappointing when people have that attitude. We have responsibilities, we are not just here to take the money and it is hard to respect those players."

Radebe did not offer any names, but was quick to absolve Alan Smith and Dominic Matteo from blame. Smith is almost certain to leave Leeds for a Premiership club in the summer as he believes he must quit his home-town club in order to maintain his chances of selection for England.

"You would try hard to get the spirit back during the week, only to find that during the game it would go again," he said. "But Dominic, Smithy and a few others always worked hard for the club and it is sad to see them end up in this situation." Radebe has signed a one-year extension to his current deal with Leeds and will seek to aid their attempt to make an immediate return to the Premiership.