Roy Keane says Manchester United is viewed like 'Disneyland' to the 'mafia' of ex-players

Former midfielder has been criticising his former club again

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Roy Keane has launched an attack on the network of ex-Manchester United players who he claims are afraid to criticise the club, likening the culture to the mafia.

The former midfielder, who spent 12 years at the club across one of its most successful eras, also compared the club to Disneyland for the way it is viewed by some of those connected at the club.

“When I look at United there’s just a lot of propaganda now, a lot of nonsense gets spoken, a lot of ex-players now work for the club, they are on contracts, ex-players from the 60s and 70s working for United and they always try to kid you on,” Keane said, before discussing the fall-out from his take on Nani's read card in a Champions League tie against Real Madrid.

“I had it with all the Nani stuff. My opinion was Nani meant it, he saw the guy coming, and he definitely meant it – the guy deserved to be sent off. But I remember Robbo (Bryan Robson) the next day. Robbo, who works for Man United – great player he was, but he’s employed by Man United so he’s got to comment on Man United, and what do you think he’s going to say? ‘Keaney’ – and I can still remember him saying it like that – ‘Keaney was the only one at Old Trafford who thought it was a red card.’ Well, the fucking referee thought it was a red card.

“That’s why I took a step back from Man United. They’re all decent lads, don’t get me wrong, but it’s almost like a mafia situation. If you think it’s a sending-off or David Gill might be wrong or Alex Ferguson, you say it. These people are just: ‘It’s Man United, woh!’ It’s like Disneyland – Man United Land, with fucking Mickey Mouse running everywhere."


Keane singled out Paddy Crerand, a member of United’s 1968 European Cup-winning side, as an example of the culture.

“People get swayed by Paddy Crerand. Paddy still thinks it’s nineteen-sixty-fucking-seven! United have lost 5-0: ‘Ah, you know, they were great.’ Paddy, come on, do me a favour. ‘No, no, United were great.’ No, they weren’t! Why are you saying it?”