Sissoko may lose sight in one eye, says doctor

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Liverpool midfielder Mohamed Sissoko's career hangs in the balance today amid fears he could lose the sight in one eye after being kicked in the face by Benfica midfielder Beto during Liverpool's 1-0 Champions' League defeat in Lisbon.

The 21-year-old Mali midfielder was released yesterday from Lisbon's CUF Hospital, where the clinical director, Dr Joao Paco, said: "The prognosis is guarded but vision is going to be compromised on the right side. If it's going to be 20 or 80 per cent we can't say right now. You have to wait for the next 48 hours. He suffered a trauma with bruising of the eye."

Sissoko will visit an eye specialist on Merseyside today with concerns that his career may face a premature end. The £5.5m former Valencia player damaged his right retina in the first-half collision and reports from Portugal last night suggest that the sight in one eye is endangered.