Arsenal winning the Community Shield doesn't mean much in the title race - just ask Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool

Winners of the Charity and Community Shield not very likely to win the Premier League the following season

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Arsenal supporters will still be celebrating their impressive victory against Chelsea at Wembley Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Arsene Wenger's side were better than the reigning Premier League champions, defending stoutly and matching their opponents all over the pitch.

The 1-0 victory has been seen as the finishing touch on a summer of optimism that started when the Gunners went on a superb run at the end of last season and added a truly world class goalkeeper in Petr Cech.

The position had been a huge problem for Arsenal ever since the retirement of Jens Lehmann and that Cech was brought in from under the nose of Jose Mourinho made it only that much sweeter.

Arsenal are ahead of Manchester City with some bookies as the favourites to take Chelsea's Premier League crown, with odds shortening after the Community Shield win.

Allow us to rain on your parade very briefly.

Hold the champagne for now, Arsene

Although it is often billed as the first game of the new season, history suggests that very little can be taken from a Community Shield win. Rather than inspiring the winners on to greater glory in the upcoming campaign, more often than not another team goes on to be crowned champions of England.

In fact, since the inception of the Premier League in 1992-93, just seven teams who have won the Community Shield (or Charity Shield) have gone on to win the title nine months later.

Seven times in 23 years. The last team to do so was Manchester United in 2010-11, the fourth season in a row where the Community Shield winner went on to win the title.

United are the most regular offenders, of course, winning the League five times after an August Community Shield win. Chelsea have managed it just twice and Arsenal have never managed it, despite winning the curtain raiser on five occassions.

Chelsea's Premier League title is not in danger just yet

A look even further back into history hardly makes for better reading. Stretching back a further 12 years to the 1980-81 season brings just three more winners; four of those Charity Shields were shared, but even including a shared winner adds just one more title.

In total, stretching back 35 years to 1980-81, the winners of the Charity and Community Shields have gone on to be crowned English champions just 10 times.