Steven Gerrard 'couldn't stop' crying after his slip against Chelsea cost Liverpool the title

The former Liverpool captain has reflected on the moment that saw the Premier League title evade Liverpool in 2014

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Steven Gerrard has admitted that he "couldn't stop" crying in the back of his car after his slip against Chelsea cost Liverpool the Premier League title in 2014.

The Reds were on the verge of completing the most unlikely of title victories last year when they came up against Chelsea, knowing that a win against the Blues would almost guarantee them the Premier League crown that had evaded them since 1990.

However, a costly slip allowed then Chelsea striker Demba Ba through on goal and score the opener in a 2-0 victory for Jose Mourinho’s side, and Gerrard has revealed for the first time what his emotions were when Manchester City eventually beat them to the 2014/15 title.


“I sat in the back of the car and felt the tears rolling down my face,” Gerrard wrote for the Daily Mail as part of their syndication for his new autobiography, Steven Gerrard: My Story. “I hadn't cried for years but, on the way home, I couldn't stop. The tears kept coming. I can't even tell you if the streets were thick with traffic or as empty as I was on the inside. It was killing me.

“I felt numb, like I had lost someone in my family. It was as if my whole quarter of a century at this football club poured out of me. I did not even try to stem the silent tears as the events of the afternoon played over and over again in my head.”

He added: “A simple pass rolled towards me near the halfway line. It was a nothing moment, a lull in our surge to the title. I moved to meet the ball. It slid under my foot. The twist came then. I slipped. I fell to the ground.

“The ball was swept away and the devastating Chelsea attack began. I clambered to my feet and ran with all my heart. I chased Demba Ba as though my life depended on it. I knew the outcome if I couldn't catch him. But it was hopeless. I couldn't stop him. Ba scored. It was over.”