Steven Gerrard: From leading light to ordinary Joe - just what the departing Liverpool captain needs

"I am looking forward to less intensity," he said

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There are many things Los Angeles can offer Steven Gerrard. The money is good, perhaps as much as $9m over the course of an 18-month contract.

Then there is the lifestyle, the house, the pool, the freeways stretching into southern California. But most of all there is the anonymity.

In the land of Hollywood Gerrard will become ordinary and that, after 17 years in Anfield’s floodlights, is something he needs. 

“I am looking forward to less intensity,” he said this week.

“It has been very difficult for me with the children doing certain things like swimming or dancing lessons or going for meals or to a coffee shop – to walk down the street with them without being asked questions.

“If you are doing well, the fans want to know the reasons why; they want insights off you. If it’s not going well, they want to know why. Then you have the Blue side, which is constant, aggressive behaviour at traffic lights and on motorways.  

“I am looking forward to being able to breathe and play football under a bit less pressure. It will be like going back to the days before I was in the first team at Liverpool, where you really enjoyed your football and there was not that responsibility and that pressure. I still want to win and do well for LA Galaxy but it will be different.”