Steven Gerrard 'used to clean my boots... he was very good at it' - Jamie Redknapp reveals he gave departing Liverpool legend £100 tip

Jamie Redknapp was a senior pro when Gerrard made his Liverpool debut

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Jamie Redknapp has revealed that he once tipped Steven Gerrard £100 as a Christmas bonus for cleaning his boots.

Gerrard plays his final match at Anfield on Saturday, with the Liverpool legend to depart the club in the summer for the LA Galaxy in the MLS.

Redknapp, himself a former Liverpool captain, was a senior pro and first-team fixture when Gerrard made his debut for the club in 1998.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Redknapp has revealed that a teenage Gerrard would clean his boots - and was "very good" at it.

"When he was a kid, Stevie would clean my boots. I told him I would get him some of his own and asked him what size he wanted. '6, 7, 8, 9 or 10!' he answered," wrote Redknapp.

"He was very good at cleaning boots. They were sharp, clean, ready for me. I used to tip him, though. I don't think I tipped him that well. It might have been £100 at Christmas. It might have been..."