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Premier League

Stoke City 2013/14 Premier League fixture list

A look at when and where Stoke City will be playing in 2013/14



17 Sat Liverpool                 A

24 Sat Crystal Palace          H

31 Sat West Ham               A



14 Sat Man City                 H

21 Sat Arsenal                   A

28 Sat Norwich                 H



5 Sat Fulham                    A

19 Sat West Brom            H

26 Sat Man Utd                A



2 Sat Southampton         H

9 Sat Swansea                 A

23 Sat Sunderland           H

30 Sat Everton                A



3 Tue Cardiff                   H

7 Sat Chelsea                  H

14 Sat Hull                      A

21 Sat Aston Villa            H

26 Thu Newcastle           A

28 Sat Tottenham          A



1 Wed Everton              H

11 Sat Liverpool             H

18 Sat Crystal Palace      A

28 Tue Sunderland         A



1 Sat Man Utd               H

8 Sat Southampton      A

11 Tue Swansea           H

22 Sat Man City            A



1 Sat Arsenal               H

8 Sat Norwich              A

15 Sat West Ham        H

22 Sat Aston Villa         A

29 Sat Hull                  H



5 Sat Chelsea              A

12 Sat Newcastle        H

19 Sat Cardiff              A

26 Sat Tottenham       H



3 Sat Fulham              H

11 Sun West Brom     A

*All fixtures subject to change