Taylor waits on results of scan after comeback is cut short

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Martin Taylor, the Birmingham City defender, is anxiously awaiting the results of a scan to determine the extent of the groin problem he suffered against Wigan Athletic in his comeback match on Saturday. Taylor hobbled out of the action during the second half of the 2-0 loss at the JJB Stadium.

It was his first senior action in six weeks since the red card against Arsenal for the tackle which resulted in Eduardo da Silva breaking his leg. "My groin, an abductor muscle, tightened up," Taylor said. "I'm not sure what the severity of it is yet. We will find out after a scan.

"But I've had the problem before and it comes from my hip rather than the groin. It just tightens up and I can't run it off. If I try to run it off, it tightens up even more. Once you get to that point you are not doing the team any favours by staying on if you know you are running at 50 per cent of what you should be.

"I was disappointed with that because, when you get back into the team, the last thing you want is to be going off injured."

Taylor does not believe his reputation will have been tarnished for what was a mistimed rather than malicious tackle against Arsène Wenger's side at St Andrew's in February.

"I've played for 10 years as a professional now, you get to know referees and they get to know you, and I don't think this should change how people feel about me," he said. "Everyone can hopefully see the tackle for what it was – nothing intentional."

Ironically, referee Mike Dean, who had sent Taylor off against the Gunners, was also in charge of Saturday's contest at Wigan. "I didn't realise until I saw him out on the pitch that he was the referee, but he was really good," Taylor said. "I can't remember exactly what his words were but he just shook my hand and said, 'I hope it all goes all right'."