Tigana wins claim for wages

Jean Tigana was awarded £455,000 yesterday after an employment tribunal ruled that Fulham had unlawfully docked wages from their former manager.

It had been thought that the Frenchman - who was replaced by Chris Coleman in April - had been sacked, but he remained on the payroll until his £125,000-a-month contract ended on 30 June.

Fulham did not pay him for those last two months and, the tribunal ruled, also failed to award him a £200,000 bonus for earning a place in the Uefa Cup last season.

In a statement to the tribunal Tigana had said: "The only explanation I was offered was in a lawyer's letter. It appeared to suggest I'd already been remunerated very well for my services and they could not afford to do so."

The club alleged that Tigana had failed to provide them with "any services whatsoever", so they were not obliged to pay him for the last two months of his contract. Although he was on "garden leave", Fulham still needed Tigana to help in a dispute with Lyon when the London club sought to withhold payment on the £11.5m transfer of Steve Marlet.

Fulham also tried to resist the claim on the basis that it was part of a larger dispute between the two parties which was subject to High Court litigation, in which the club allege that Tigana was "in breach of his duty" by allowing them to buy players "at sums in excess of that player's value".