'To keep Terry as Chelsea captain is my decision. Fabio can do what he wants'

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John Terry was yesterday promised he would remain captain of Chelsea whatever happens in his private life. The Chelsea manager, Carlo Ancelotti, speaking before Terry was sacked as England captain, said the defender retained the 100 per cent support of the club, and would remain to do so whatever further revelations emerge in the coming days.

Ancelotti said: "If the private life of one player doesn't involve or impinge upon his professional life, I don't have a problem. If John comes to the training ground but is not able to train because he's tired or nervous, I can be interested then. But he comes here and trains very well.

"He's always ready to train, always focused, always involved," Ancelotti added. "He didn't kill anybody. Here, he will find a good place to stay."

The Chelsea manager could not have been more supportive of Terry in public this week. He said yesterday that he does not worry at all what his players get up to in their private lives.

Ancelotti said: "I have a very good relationship with John in the training ground. I'm not interested in anything else. I'm not interested in the private life of anybody. Sometimes, in the past, some coaches phoned home to control their players.

"I never did this in my career. I won't in the future. I'm only interested in the players at the training ground and to control behaviour at the training ground. He is able to leave his problems outside the training ground. He is a very strong character."

Asked why Fabio Capello might feel differently about Terry's suitability to be captain, Ancelotti replied: "I don't know. I train a club and Capello trains a national team. That could be different. To maintain the captain as John Terry at Chelsea is my decision. Capello would do whatever he wants."