Tom Cleverley: Maligned Manchester United midfielder quits Twitter after insults, despite saying he takes criticism with a 'pinch of salt'

The 24-year-old has been subjected to abuse from United supporters this season

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Tom Cleverley, the Manchester United midfielder, has closed his Twitter account, days after saying that he takes criticism with "pinch of salt".

Alongside beleaguered manager David Moyes, Cleverley has been the subject of abuse from United fans this season, and the 24-year-old said in an interview published on Tuesday that he feels he has been made a 'scapegoat' for the club's poor form this season, in which they currently sit in seventh place, with 21 points fewer at this stage than they had last season.

"When I first started getting singled out, it stung," the England international had told the Mirror. "But it's something you have got to learn to take when the team is not doing well.

"My job goes under the radar at times. I am not a player who's going to beat three or four people and stick it in the top corner or go round tackling people like Roy Keane.

 "I would like the fans on my side and it hurts a little bit when you have grown up at the club and love the club every bit as much as the supporters.

"But there are other people in the current United squad who have been through this kind of thing and they have made sure their quality shone through.

"I have got to look at those people. I have learned to take it with a pinch of salt and I'm sure it will make me stronger for the rest of my career.

Clev twitter.jpg
How Tom Cleverley's Twitter account looks now

"I feel I've been made a scapegoat a little bit. A few people in the media certainly seem to have a perception of me not doing much in the team."

He added "Don't get me wrong, I know I can do better but people are making a big thing about how I don't score enough goals when that is not necessarily my first job in the team."


Cleverley is not the first United player to quit the social networking site, Darron Gibson, who went on to join Everton in 2012, also left it due to abuse in 2011.