Video: Manchester City's Vincent Kompany, Joe Hart and kit manager Les Chapman do a Klinsmann dive through mud puddles

Chapman leads the way in finding ways to pass the the time while torrential rain continues in Hong Kong

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When the rain started once again in Hong Kong, the Manchester City squad found themselves stuck in the dry tunnel with nowhere to go.

But kit manager Les Chapman decided he didn't want to stand around any longer. Removing his glasses and belongings from his pockets, he pulled off a picturesque Jurgen Klinnsman dive on the wet, muddy pitch, much to the humour of the onlooking players.

In response, captain Vincent Kompany and goalkeeper Joe Hart joined him splashing about in the mud as they slid across the pitch on their chests. Chapman, with his shirt soaked in a mixture of dirt and rain, hastily marches back into the tunnel and heads off to find something a little dryer.


Watch the video below as the Manchester City squad keep themselves entertained during their pre-season tour in Hong Kong.