Video: Per Mertesacker BFG - Sky Sports apologise after German broadcaster swears live on air

Sky Germany journalist lets swear word slip on news channel this morning

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Per Mertesacker, the 6ft 6in giant of the Arsenal defence is affectionately known as the "big f****** German" by the Gunners faithful, so much so, you can even buy branded "BFG" t-shirts to raise money for Mertesacker's charity foundation.

This does not mean, however, that Mertesacker should be refereed to by this expletive-driven nickname live on daytime television.

On Sky Sports News this morning, German broadcaster Chris Lymberopoulos, who should know better really as he is a presenter for Sky Germany, swore live on air when talking up the qualities of of his compatriot.

Sky Sports presenters then quickly issued an embarrassed apology.

Mertesacker has been in fine form for the Gunners his season, starting 38 matches in total, and, except two very notable defeats, has formed a solid partnership with the Frenchman Laurent Koscielny at the heart of the Arsenal defence.

Warning explicit content: Watch the slip up below...