Video: Tottenham fan breaks his arm after attempting to skate down giant 'A' outside Arsenal's Emirates Stadium

Sean Graham was attempting to get one-up on the North London rivals, but suffered a painful embarrassment instead

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Arsenal managed to secure the bragging rights in North London once again last season as the Gunners beat Tottenham both in the Premier League table and the race for fourth place.

But one Spurs fan had identified a way to get one over their rivals by taking to the suburbs of the Emirates Stadium, home of the Gunners, and skateboarding down the large ‘A’ that makes up the club’s name outside the ground. Oh the cheek.

Who knows what the young ruffian – in this case Sean Graham – was trying to achieve, but needless to say, it didn’t go according to plan.

In fact, Graham slid down the side of the ‘A’ only to face-plant straight into the concrete below, and break his arm in the process.

Watch the hilarious video below [WARNING – Video contains strong language]:


Both Arsenal and Spurs will be hoping they can go the duration of the season without similar injury – and silliness – as the Premier League prepares to get underway this weekend.