'We have a problem winning at home'

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Arsene Wenger refused to blame his lack of defensive re-building over the summer for Arsenal's worst-ever defeat in the Champions' League and their heaviest loss in Europe for two decades.

However, the Arsenal manager hinted that changes may have to be made. "Until now we have not conceded too many goals," he said. "But I don't want to rush my decisions, and I would like to see again the tape and how we conceded the goals and what I can do about it."

Wenger said that his side had been unfortunate and claimed the turning point was the first-half penalty miss by Thierry Henry. "If we had come back to 2-1 before half-time it would have been a different game. Instead of 2-1 it became 3-0. We are very disappointed because we felt that everything turned against us. Inter played well but they were not unbeatable. The difference between the two teams was not great."

Wenger conceded that European home form - no wins now in six matches - is a cause for alarm. "If you analyse one game after another, you can see we have a problem winning at home. You can say it is a psychological problem. Everything ran for them because maybe they were sharper in their minds and made the right decisions.

"We started quite well and created chances but we did not make the right decisions and from then on, after we gave the first cheap goal away from the throw-in, we played the way they liked. They showed a lot of pace, especially with Martins.

"We made defensive mistakes but first we made mistakes up front when we should have finished better with the final ball. Goal after goal you have games like that when every time your opponent has the ball they score. I cannot say it was enjoyable.

"For me it is just disappointing when you lose. We have not to become too desperate. We have lost a game at home. We can still qualify and we have a big game coming up which gives us the chance to show good spirit.

"If you look at the possession and shots on goal, I don't think that reflects the difference between the two teams. We can complain and carry on about the result but it will not change it."