Wenger attacks media over row

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Wenger claimed that he had never called Mourinho "stupid" - even though in a briefing on Tuesday before last night's Champions' League tie, he had referred to the danger of "stupid people" becoming successful, directly in relation to a question about Mourinho.

Wenger's anger turned into a tirade last night, accusing reporters of hiding behind the fact that they did not write headlines and saying that he would also examine whether he should be taking "action" against them. "I just do not accept that you do not quote me [accurately]," he said. Wenger also reiterated that he may yet take action against Mourinho, for calling him a "voyeur" obsessed with Chelsea.

"After we have a break [the international break], I will think about the situation," Wenger said. "But if I'm attacked, I respond."

However, once again, Wenger failed to specify exactly what action he was considering. Legal experts have already pointed out that he certainly does not appear to have any grounds for libel.

The Football Association was last night set to intervene in the row, hoping to end the dispute, while the League Managers Association has also offered to act as a mediator in the coming days, claiming the Wenger-Mourinho dispute was damaging the game.

In response to that, Wenger maintained that he had done "nothing wrong". "I don't know what the FA want to do," Wenger added. "I don't know what I have done wrong."