West Brom vs Manchester United: Anders Lindegaard hits out at West Brom for Marouane Fellaini 'tracksuit' tweet

Official Twitter feed of the Baggies appeared to mock the Belgian before he came off the bench and scored a stunner

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Manchester United goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard has hit out at West Brom after the club's official Twitter feed appeared to mock Marouane Fellaini during last night's entertaining 2-2 draw.

Just before the second half got under way at the Hawthorns, Marouane Fellaini was pictured on the sidelines taking his tracksuit off, readying himself to come on.

The Belgian international, who has been something of a target for those wishing to ridicule United during their post-Sir Alex Ferguson struggles, was duly readying himself to enter the field of play in place of Ander Herrera.

But before he did, West Brom's official Twitter account had time to post the following disparaging tweet.

It read: "Fellaini has now taken his tracksuit off, fortunately he has a Man Utd strip on underneath".




With West Brom leading 1-0, Fellaini came onto the field. But the scoreline didn't stay like that for long. The midfielder with the big hair used his strength to create some space before rifling the ball into the top corner of the net to bring things level.



West Brom were then forced to tweet the following...




Whilst the Baggies saw the tweet come back to haunt them, they've now come under-fire from Lindegaard, who said the club showed a lack of respect.


Also taking to Twitter, he said: "Complete lack of knowledge, class and respect on Twitter from WBAFCofficial on Fellaini!! #united #karma #keepbelieving."



West Brom for their part tweeted again from their official account to apologise if any offence was caused.



West Brom have since released a statement, insisting the tweet was taken out of context, with the club intending to joke about the possibility of Fellaini being naked - amid the cold outside temperature - under his tracksuit.

A statement read: "In response to incorrect and mischievous reporting, we would like to clarify that our initial tweet about Marouane Fellaini was made as the player removed his tracksuit top.

"That was in preparation for his introduction to the game during a period when night-time temperatures were dropping significantly.

"We are extremely disappointed that our tweet was taken out of context by mischief-makers.

"And that's not least on a night when two teams showed such a commitment to strident and attacking football to once more underline the quality and entertainment value of the Barclays Premier League."

The match ended 2-2.