West Ham fans confront co-owner David Sullivan after West Brom defeat

Their angry words of some fans have been widely criticised

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Sam Allardyce's honeymoon period as West Ham boss doesn't appear to have lasted that long - well, if you go by the opinion of some particularly vocal and divisive Hammers fans.

With West Ham sitting comfortably in eighth place in the Premier League, many fans were hoping the club would give the FA Cup a decent shot this year, especially following two impressive wins against Everton and Bristol City, the former tie involving two legs and an epic penalty shootout.


However, with Andy Carroll injured for the rest of the season and West Ham only notching one win in the league since Christmas, the East London club's fortunes have begun to fade and a 4-0 loss against West Brom on Saturday was indicative of how pear-shaped the second-half of the Hammers' season has become.

With co-owner David Sullivan leaving the Hawthorns early, he was confronted by a group of angry fans, who began to hurl a volley of abuse at him as he attempted to shake their hands.

"Can we have some answers?"

"Mr Sullivan I've been a f***ing West Ham supporter for 40 f***ing years! Why aren't you f***ing doing something?"

"Can I have my money back?"

After one particularly vile comment from a Hammers fan, Sullivan backs away, saying, "Really, that's not clever." He does admit it was "the worst performance" all season and that was why he left early.

The abuse Sullivan received has been criticised by many West Ham fans on social media, although many have still questioned Big Sam's position at the club and the belief that perhaps the team's fourth-place position on Christmas Day was something of an anomaly.

One West Ham blog post wrote: "West Ham’s 66-year-old chairman David Sullivan was this afternoon subjected to the kind of posse mentality which wouldn’t have been out of place in the old wild west."