Why Gibson issued Boro ban on Gordon

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The Middlesbrough chairman, Steve Gibson, has criticised the agent Colin Gordon over his recent comments on "bungs" and revealed he is banned by the Teesside club. Gordon, who represents the England and former Middlesbrough manager Steve McClaren, this week claimed the practice of bung-taking was commonplace and branded his own profession "scum of the earth".

Gibson, however, is not impressed with Gordon's remarks. "As a club we're absolutely furious with Colin Gordon trying to claim he's somehow whiter than white," Gibson said. "I don't enjoy being in the spotlight, but Colin Gordon has to be exposed for what he is. I just don't believe what he is saying."

Gibson revealed his club has had problems with Gordon in the past and matters came to a head when McClaren was being linked the Leeds vacancy in 2002. "I got McClaren in and read him the riot act and said to him that his agent's conduct was an absolute disgrace and that I no longer wanted Colin Gordon associated with any aspect of the football club," Gibson said. "As far as I was concerned, Colin Gordon was totally and absolutely barred from our football club. He wasn't allowed on the premises and I would deal with McClaren through McClaren himself."

Gordon, whose Key Sports agency also represents David James and Theo Walcott, has angered the Association of Football Agents with his comments.

Gordon, who said "tens of millions of pounds has gone out of the game" in corrupt deals, admits he regrets how his remarks came across. "I regret what I said to a degree," he said, "but I absolutely believe we've got a problem and I want to do my bit to solve it. He also added, however: "I don't have any evidence."